See. Transform. Act. A simple model that helps unlock the door to success in business and in life. Government contractors need great brands to maximize their  potential. Learn how to invest wisely. STA can help you to become recognized, understood, and preferred by  your critical audiences. Want some helpful perspective on selling technology services? Check out STA’s 10 important rules for success.

A Clear Vision in Strategy and Leadership

This is the personal website of Peter Mirus, an experienced business strategist with a background helping professional service firms and non-profit organizations realize their potential through effective strategy, improved communications, and the application of technology.

Peter developed the See. Transform. Act.® approach to help organizations SEE the market through the eyes of their customers, TRANSFORM themselves to approach the market, and then ACT to engage the market using sustainable and measurable means. More

See Transform Act: The STA Approach
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Selling Information Systems Twice December 04, 2013

Those who do a good job of selling information systems (and related services) know that the offering will likely be sold twice: first to customer decision makers, and then from the decision makers to other… More
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What Is a Brand? (And Related Questions)

In the most literal sense, your brand is your unique mark (name, logo, etc.) that distinguishes you and your property from competing companies and their property. However, today we talk about "brand" in a broad sense—the sum of your positioning, messaging, and visual identity. More