Selling Information Systems Twice December 04, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Information Technology, Marketing, Internal Communications

Those who do a good job of selling information systems (and related services) know that the offering will likely be sold twice: first to customer decision makers, and then from the decision makers to other internal audiences. It definitely helps both the vendor and the customer when the vendor is aware of this reality, and follows a sales process informed by that awareness. Continue Reading

Brand Development for a Top 20 Government Contractor’s Information Technology Product May 24, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Information Technology, Branding, Case Stories - Tech, Government Contracting

In September 2012 STA was selected to perform a branding project for a successful government contractor listed in Washington Technology’s 2012 Top 20 Rankings, with nearly three billion dollars of revenue. Major lines of business include defense, intelligence, law enforcement, and healthcare. Continue Reading

As We Age, What Do We Learn? February 21, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Marketing, Coaching

Both as organizations and individuals, it is assumed that we will learn as we age. But do we? Are we rigorous about learning from the past? Do we take the time to catalogue and make sense of our successes and failures? Continue Reading

Success Demands That Market Knowledge Be Transformative February 02, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Marketing

To create sustainable business growth, a company needs to learn the landscape and then engineer the vehicles needed to navigate the terrain. Effective marketing strategy is directed at integrating market knowledge and expertise with people, process, and tools—creating an effective and timely response to the challenges and opportunities in the market. Market knowledge needs to be transformative, or else you will remain stuck in place. Continue Reading

Creating Marketing Success at Professional Services Firms Begins with Team Composition, Development January 02, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Branding, Marketing

In professional services you are marketing yourself. Firms that understand the nature of professional service marketing also understand that each encounter with the client is a marketing event—not just a marketing opportunity (where marketing may or may not take place) but an actual event where marketing activity occurs whether or not it rises to the level of consciousness. Continue Reading