Defining an Information Technology Startup August 27, 2012, by Peter Mirus in Information Technology, Branding, Case Stories - Tech

STA was recently called on to provide brand strategy assistance to an information technology startup with a well-defined niche. The company needed some additional perspective on how to articulate its brand promise and define its services.

We kicked off the engagement by gathering a lot of important information—desired project outcomes, differentiators, customers (identity, pain points, sources, POCs, size), revenue, services, competitors, business culture, etc. We followed that up by taking a good look at the market to develop reliable insights about how to position the company.

Using this information as well as our expertise, STA was quickly able to put together recommendations for the client to consider: company names, taglines, prioritized differentiators, mission and position statements, and targeted service recommendations.

The client was pleased with the fast turnaround on these deliverables. But more than that, the client was pleased with the amount of clarity brought by STA’s involvement. First, our approach itself was clear: we used a straightforward process that was fully explained to the client and to which we consistently adhered throughout the engagement. Second, the project deliverables were clear and made sense to the client in light of the process that we followed.

Most importantly, however, the project results greatly increased the client’s ability to clearly see the landscape and to make sound strategic decisions about how to approach the market—including the building the resources necessary for that approach.