STA Guides Communications Technology Decisions for a National Organization January 02, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Information Technology, Internal Communications, Case Stories - Tech

Client: STA was engaged by an IT services firm in Washington DC to serve the needs of a client seeking to make communication and collaboration improvements for approximately 2,000 staff members located in 185 offices nationwide.

Challenge: The goal of the project was to work with the client organization’s internal communications team to select an enterprise social networking tool. STA led this effort, drawing on its expertise in marketing/communications and technology to assess the client’s needs. We then worked with the IT services firm to research and evaluate potential solutions.

Solution: STA designed and conducted a series of structured interviews with stakeholders at the national headquarters and state/local offices to learn as much as possible about the organization’s needs. During these interviews, STA learned that the need to communicate and collaborate in an online social setting extended well beyond the staff members of the organization, to a large group of service partners and customers. This increased the number of potential network users to more than 100,000. This finding escalated the strategic significance of the project, leading to increased executive project involvement at national headquarters as more departments were made aware of the project’s importance and strategic implications.

Results: The organization significantly expanded its viewpoint as to how effective use of enterprise social networking tools could improve outcomes across a variety of strategic initiatives and operational practices. Armed with this knowledge, it was able to make prudent decisions about the prioritization of features within the list of functional requirements. After evaluating a broad field of potential solution candidates, we were able to identify three options for the client to consider. After a careful review process, the client developed confident consensus around one solution candidate.