STA Helps Advance a Global Professional Association’s Programming November 27, 2012, by Peter Mirus in Internal Communications, Case Stories - Tech

Client: The client organization offers a professional training and development certification for members that increases professional competency and leads to advancement opportunities.

Challenge: The competency model supporting the certification program had been updated, resulting in the need to redesign the program “products” based on the competency model, including a robust set of resources preparing learners for the program. In addition, the client also planned to provide the resources digitally for the first time, in the form of a website featuring a responsive design to accommodate learners on variety of digital devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones). The design also needed to anticipate other steps in the technological evolution of the organization, such as learning management systems and private social networks.

Solution: Springboard International, a growing organizational effectiveness firm with expertise in performance and learning, was poised to win the project award but needed a partner with strong marketing/communications and technology expertise to round out its team. STA was identified by Springboard International as an important partner. We immediately integrated into Springboard’s team and got to work on this intense project featuring demanding requirements and rapid-fire deadlines. STA informed the team (including client stakeholders, Springboard’s internal team of strategists and instructional designers, independent learning/training industry experts, the web development contractor, and software vendors) with strategic insight and best practices for technology use for the learning resources design, development, and web production. We provided project leadership and kept communication about important technology issues open, positive, and straightforward—taking great care to make sure that all participants were on the same page.

Results: The partnership with Springboard resulted in a comprehensive and detail-oriented learning resources design that won approval and praise from the client. In addition to addressing the immediate need of redesigning the resources to correspond to the updated competency model, our recommendations anticipated a variety of future growth opportunities that will allow the client and the certification program to flourish long-term.