Success Demands That Market Knowledge Be Transformative February 02, 2013, by Peter Mirus in Marketing

To create sustainable business growth, a company needs to learn the landscape and then engineer the vehicles needed to navigate the terrain. Effective marketing strategy is directed at integrating market knowledge and expertise with people, process, and tools—creating an effective and timely response to the challenges and opportunities in the market. Market knowledge needs to be transformative, or else you will remain stuck in place.

This is why STA Tech Marketing emphasizes transformation (part of the See, Transform, Act model) as being essential to the branding and marketing process. Sure, you can give the visual and verbal expression of your company’s brand a public facelift—for example, by renovating your website or sales material—but at the end of the day the services you perform and/or product that you produce will determine how your brand is perceived in the marketplace.

We all know that a transformation process is where the hard work takes place. However, it is the most under-estimated and under-supported part of the marketing process. This is why STA and its partners work with executives and managers to help guide the transformation process. Our joint goal is to ensure that the necessary transformation takes place in a supportive environment, so that the company can attain the best long-term results.