The Shoot and Scoot August 27, 2012, by Peter Mirus in Branding, Marketing

Surely you’ve hear of the “shoot and scoot?” It is a military term meaning to shoot and then quickly move away from the location from which the shots were fired. However, it is also a term used to refer to consultants that fire advice at the clients and then head for the hills. (Though sometimes used jokingly, overall the expression is not meant to be complimentary.)

STA does not favor the shoot and scoot. Occasionally a client will ask us simply to perform some research or guide a strategic process and that’s all. We can do that and provide high value—but what we prefer is strong, lasting relationships with our clients. It goes against our nature to be indifferent to outcomes.

Every brand strategy process in which STA engages is the start of an unfinished story. Ultimately, going through a strategic branding or rebranding process is not just about words (putting strategy on paper)—it is about results (putting strategy into action). And since a brand is only as good as what you put behind it, your people and/or your product might need to change as a result of the brand strategy findings/outcomes.

This is why STA always makes this point (to both clients and prospects): every brand strategy process is an organizational change process. Failing to acknowledge that reality is to deceive yourself and others.

The market speaks to our client and indicates what it wants in response. The client needs to determine if it has the resources and desire to make that response. What happens next? How does the client need to transform itself in order to move forward?

STA cares about the answers to these questions and is willing stick around and help answer them.